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1st Doctor Visit

I took Riley in for his first vet visit yesterday.

I had him in the examining room and was there while the nurse looked him over, and then played with him while we waited for the vet.

Then he started it, the poop walk. I had taken him out before we left, and I tried to get him to poop, but he wouldn't. So, he had to poop at the vet's office. He's lucky mommy brought a bag, but I had to ask the nurses for something to clean the floor.

Then the vet came in and examined him. He gave Riley his last puppy shot (which was really some orange goo they shot up his nose), and he told me that since that was his last shot he was ready to be neutered.

He told me that Riley was in good health except for one thing, his mouth. The vet said that Riley's jaw and teeth were deformed and decayed because of malnutrition, and that that was most likely the reason for his "twitch" (his mouth and teeth are irritated). He went on to say that there was really nothing I could do to fix this other than start feeding him right, and when I get him groomed have his teeth professionally cleaned. The vet said this would bother him all his life. I was so sad.
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