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Riley, Update.

Nick and I decided on a name for the puppy: Riley. So now his formal name is Riley Bear Miller.

I was trying to think of cute things to call him, and thought Riley was cute, and Nick made the comment that he has red fur, which looks Irish, so Riley stuck.

I have spent probably $125+ on this dog. He is going to be so spoiled. He has gotten:
*A new bowl and (semi)auto-waterer.
*Purina One for Puppies (It has made his coat silky and smooth.)
*A new collar
*A new flea coller
*A superman nametag
*A bungee leach
*Oatmeal Shampoo (I think he has sensitive skin.)
*A brush
*Flea Comb (Nick is paranoid about fleas.)
*5 Greenies
*Minty Biscuits
*Regular Biscuits
*Urine removal stuff (OK, more for me than the dog.)
*Quick bath cloths
*Doggie cologne (He was pretty stinky when we got him.)
*Toothbrush and doggie beef flavored toothpaste. (His breath is rank. Nick and I are going to brush his teeth tonight.)
*Poop bags (self-explanatory)
*Toys: A teething bone (He is getting his back teeth in right now.), a tennis ball, a rope toy, a plastic football (I got that one in a parade for free.), and a squeaky jack (which he still hasn't figured out how to squeak).
*A baby gate (During the day we keep him in the hallway between the bathroom, laundry, and vanity. That way if he does have an "accident" it's on tile. Easy clean up.)

He does not like the baby gate. Nick and I had to stick him behind it last night since he kept trying to wake us both up to play at 3:30am. That was the first time I have heard him make noise. He cried. After about 1/2 an hour I couldn't stand it so I took him out of jail (bad, I know) and slept on the couch with him on me.

I am now taking him on nightly walks of the neighborhood (hence the poop bags). Nick and I are going to make this a nightly ritual since walking is good for us too, not just the dog.

I love my new baby! :)
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